Hello Gorgeous!  We're giving back...... and you can too!


With the purchase of this Blue Face Mask and all QWASHAE Boutique products we are working to donate mask to Medical Professionals and Nurses in Nursing Homes.  You can help by purchasing this mask for yourself, thus giving us the resources to send mask to others as well.  


Due to the Coronavirus we have worked hard to support our community by creating mask and meeting the needs of everyone! 


Thank You for your support. 



This is a not reusable Face Mask and can be worn alone or over a surgical mask. 


How to Wear:


Place your face in the mask, and easily put the straps behind your ears. Must dispose after each use. 


  • This Mask Does not guarantee safety from COVID-19 but has an extra layer of support should you use the pockets for additional filtering.  
  • Please also continue Social Distancing & Washing Your Hands





40 Blue Disposable Face Mask


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