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Ruffles Galore

Hello Gorgeous! Ruffles are in—and you know what that means.

It's time to make a fashion statement, and whether you're the kind of girl who goes for a subtle look or wants something that screams "I'm here!" there's a ruffle style out there for you.

QWASHAE Boutique's line of dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and more are available in bold patterns and solid colors alike, so you can pick the item that speaks to you. From off-the-shoulder ruffles to vibrant reds, there's a little something for everyone.

And let's not forget how well ruffles pair with other trends: they're great with chunky shoes, sassy jeans, fascinators… the list goes on! So even if you've already got your wardrobe pretty much set up for the whole year (or season), don't worry about missing out. You can add our must-have pieces to your collection without any problems at all.

Our "Give Me Ruffles" dress combines fun and sophistication with a unique canvas fabric that shows off your curves. The off-the-shoulder neckline, ruffled hem and sleeves, and relaxed fit are feminine finishing touches. Pair this piece beautifully with a high heel and statement necklace. Wear this look for a graduation, wedding or even date night--whatever the occasion, the minimalist ruffle will flatter you and make you shine!

Bring the drama! With a gorgeous one-shoulder design and adorned with ruffles along the chest, and waist, our "I'm Engaged White Top" is a show stopper.  Made with a luxurious stretch fabric that hugs curves and keeps things in place, you'll feel amazing as well as look it in this piece which can be worn so many ways. Pair with a skirt, your favorite heels and statement jewelry for an elegant night out, or team with sneakers and one of our signature PZI Jeans for a casual look! (Also available in black and red)

Bottoms up, everyone! An adorable, vibrant flamingo-pink party dress is always sure to make a splash! Our striking mini dress embodies a feathery, tropical style that's second to none! Caress yourself in satin material and arm ruffles with a sassy sweetheart neckline. Show off your wild side at your next event in this fiery number!


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