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                   Our Favorites That You're Sure to Love! ​

The Botanist Lodge 

Introducing the QWASHAE Boutique Preferred Getaway, The Botanist Lodge is a must see!  Experience The Botanist Lodge, for yourself,  it's Cabin Luxury at it's finest!  This is the perfect place that will leave you relaxed and reenergiezed! 


Experience something special that will take your breath away! 


The Botanist Lodge Cabins  are exceptionally charming and accommodating! 

Explore and enjoy this tranquil nature environment where televisions seemed to have withered into history! Step away for a romantic getaway,  a girls night out retreat, and it's also a great place for corporate events! The Botanist Lodge is the perfect place for nature hikes, roasting marshmellows by the campfire, or discovering exotic birds. All this and more awaits you at the Botanist Lodge


Eliana Photography
Introducing the QWASHAE Boutique Preferred Portraitist Ashley Martinez! Ashley is magnificent! She brings out the best in all of our Models to capture that picture perfect look! She effortlessly brings a womans's touch to each photograph.  Ashley does all of the photography for QWASHAE Boutique Fashion Shows, Private Parties & Events. Images of her work can be seen throughout the QWASHAE Boutique website! 

Ashley, has a special eye for the camera! 

I’ve always had a passion for photography. From the mountains of Colorado to the shores of the Gulf Coast, I was firing away. Then a couple asked me to be the photographer for their wedding. This is when I realized that people inspire me the most. The emotions they give to the camera is taken in at that moment and kept precious for them so they can remember the way they felt - 10, 20, or more, years down the line. What brings me joy in photography is when I see the touching expressions of delight when the subjects and their families receive their portraits, and then say, “Timeless”.

Beauty By LeRenda

​Introducing the QWASHAE Boutique Preferred Make-up Artist LeRenda Howard!  LeRenda Does The Make-up for our Fashion Shows, Many of the QWASHAE Boutique Parties, and Photography Sessions for our Models! Her make-up artistry is featured on the models shown on our website! 


LeRenda Is a Cut Above The Rest! 


I'm a Professional Freelance Make-Up Artist and a Beauty Blogger.  My freelance business and my blog are called Beauty By LeRenda.  I’ve been doing make-up for six years.  I started out as a consultant with Clinique in 2007.  From there, I began working for MAC in 2009 in a permanent position before going to the freelance/on-call team in 2011.  While working with M.A.C., I was able to really find my niche in the make-up world.  My skills were greatly enhanced and I became more confident in my artistry.    


I've assisted celebrity makeup artist AJ crimson in Houston, New York City, and Orlando.  I've worked with the ladies of Magnolia Makeup backstage as a makeup artist for Fashion Week New Orleans and for their Houston class. As a beauty blogger, I've done all types of beauty/fashion event coverage. I attended IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) in LA last year. I worked at The Makeup Show in both New York City and Orlando this year as a makeup artist. I was also invited as one of the few Beauty Bloggers to attend a private preview event highlighting the Makeup Show vendors and speakers.  I did the makeup for Dallas singer/actress Kyndal Robertson's "I Hope It Hurts" music video. I'm also a member of the Houston Fashion Bloggers.  


I'm the preferred makeup-artist for Qwashae Boutique!  I frequently attend makeup workshops and seminars for continuing education and to stay updated with trends and properly service my clients.  

I will continue to put my best foot forward and work hard to reach my goals.

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