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Take Me To Brazil!

Hello Gorgeous!

August 5, 2016 is opening day for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the worlds largest sporting event. This years host country is Brazil, being held in the lovely city of Rio De Janeiro. People from all over the world will be traveling to Brazil to support their country, athletes, enjoy the sights, food, and of course the beaches!

When traveling to any new destination, the biggest question is "what do I pack?

Qwashae Boutique has compiled a list of travel essentials, and must haves for our subscribers and clients traveling to the games.

Even though August is winter in Brazil, it is still a relatively warm month. With that in mind, here is our list and style tips for this years Olympic is Rio!

- Cool Tops ( lovely tanks/ off shoulder tops/

- Sun Dress

- Maxi Dress ( floral/ bright colors/ lovely prints)

- Beach Wear (swimsuit/ sarong/ swim trunks)

- Bright Colors and Patterns ( to detract the sun when you are out and about)

- Shorts ( Bermuda for taller and medium frames / Culottes/ Pleated Shorts for petite and smaller frames

- Light colored jeans

- Sandals

- Open Toe Heels

- Wedges

- Big fashionable Hats

- Sunglasses ( pack a few)

You can find some of these items at let's start shopping!

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