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Homecoming Ready!

Hello Gorgeous!

The annual tradition of Homecoming is drawing near! Universities, high schools, residents, alumni, and students are gearing up to show school spirit, and pride for their team.

Homecoming is part of the American experience . Who doesn't like to dress up, and look glamorous. The Homecoming dance, allows students to wear their best formal, or semi-formal attire for the first dance of the school year.

We have compiled a list of Homecoming Fashions for every girl. There is so much to choose from, no more wearing the same kind of dress. You can express yourself, and be creative with your own style, and flair for fashion.

Here is our list, of the different types Homecoming dresses to wear this year:

The Classic:

If you have a love for tradition, all things pretty, and glamorous, the classic dress is a great choice. This dress is stylish, and will never go out of style. Sweet heart necklines, halter dresses and lace fabrics are a classic staple for Homecoming. You will always be ready to be photographed in this gorgeous dress.

The Party dress:

The Party dress speaks for itself! This dress is for the girl that loves to have fun, is edgy, and confident. Bold colors, fitted dresses, short hems, and embellishments speak to this girl. Dance the night away is this cute dress! The Party Dress will make a impact at any Homecoming dance.

The Vintage Inspired:

A Vintage dress showcases your personal style, and sets you apart from the mainstream. The Vintage girl has a passion for old Hollywood, does not follow trends, and says " I love fashion, then and now". If you have a love for glamour, and one of kind pieces, then Vintage dress would be a perfect fit!

The Unconventional:

Don't want to wear a dress, well you don't have to! The Unconventional girl has a unique personality, is bold, and self assured. If you prefer comfort, and still want to be fashionable, a jumpsuit is where it's at! The Unconventional girl loves, to feel relaxed, and stylish. She wants a outfit that is functional, and can go from day to night. Rules, what rules? She rules!

Enjoy Shopping For Homecoming! Remember, you can find these dresses, accessories, and more at

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