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Your Summer Romance!

We've found the perfect place, outfits, and restaurant!

What's more exciting than a summer getaway.....A Summer Romance! This season it's all about creating the ultimate adventurous escape. Join QWASHAE Boutique and we will give you the passport to a sweet seduction!

The view above depicts a location that is the perfect place for your next date night! Imagine, overlooking the blue water as you retreat to this tiny island in the Indian Ocean, also known as the Maldives.

This romantic escape will offer you memories for a lifetime! Just a few of the highlights include:

a coral nursery, the underwater nightclub, and featured below is the video of the restaurant reachable only by boat! You can also enjoy the spa where you can book a couple's massage.

Get ready to pack your bags! These amazing styles are perfect for your romantic adventure.....

Take a look!

Visit us in the Pearland Town Center at QWASHAE Boutique and talk to our personal stylists to purchase the Palms and Pleasures Dress plus the Wifey Tank and Jeans! You can also shop now online! It's perfect for your special date night! In the meantime check out this amazing Underwater Restaurant and tell us would you dare try it! Comment below!



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